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Gite In The Dordogne France


Gite-in-Dordogne.co.uk is run by Nathan Myers to help you decide how and where you want to stay in France.nathan-myers

Me, my wife and daughter – we love France!

And we hope you will love this small corner of paradise too.

I personally love a gite that is large enough so my kids can make a whole heap of noise and I can rest easy knowing I’m not annoying or upsetting the neighbours, like this Dordogne gite we stayed at.

Everyone’s criteria is different so I try to take that into account. How many kids you have – or if any; countryside or more urban etc.

But on the whole, if I could generalise what most people are looking for, it is a gite with space to feel relaxed, so the kids can run around, and mum and dad can have a glass of fine wine, without worrying.

Feel free to ask any questions or just come to stay at the Gite.  Contact us if you have any other questions.